13/07/2020 - 21:29

Can Tho improves adaptability to climate change

Climate change is one of the challenges facing Can Tho. To deal with this, the municipal government has been synchronously conducting many solutions to improve adaptability and develop the city in a sustainable manner.

Building a dike to prevent saltwater intrusion along Cai Son Canal, Can Tho.

According to Permanent Vice Chairman of the Can Tho City People’s Committee Dao Anh Dung, policies and measures aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the adverse impacts of climate change have been actively implemented. At the same time, the authorities have created opportunities for people and enterprises to have wider access to sustainable energy with an eye to low emissions and green growth.

Specifically, propaganda activities to raise public awareness of proactive responses to climate change and environmental protection have been carried out, contributing to the unity in action.

Climate change coping projects have also been implemented such as the urban upgrading project in the Mekong Delta, the 30,000 m3 per day drainage and wastewater treatment project, to name but a few. The above mentioned projects have improved urban adaptability and transportation infrastructure as well as environmental infrastructure, resulting in enhancing the city’s resilience to climate change.

Besides, international cooperation in the field of climate change was strengthened. Can Tho  has actively participated in organizations and international networks such as the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, the network of BreathLife cities, and so on, to share and learn new initiatives related to environmental protection and climate change response. The city has also collaborated with many international organizations to hold training seminars providing information, knowledge about the environment, climate change and low emissions to local officials.

In the coming time, Can Tho will harmoniously resolve the relationship between economic development and the environment. The local authorities will effectively mobilize and make use of resources for environmental protection, natural disaster prevention, climate change response; only selecting high-tech, environmentally friendly and law-compliant projects.

T. TRINH (Translated by AI LINH)

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