12/06/2024 - 17:55

Malaysia calls on ASEAN countries to push to connect railway network 

At the 57th ASEAN Senior Transport Officials Meeting (Photo: Bernama)
Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke has called on ASEAN member states to keep pushing for improved integration by linking up railway network to achieve greater free flow of goods in the region.

He said rail connectivity, particularly to link up the railway network from Peninsular Malaysia to Thailand, Laos and China, has been a long-term vision of ASEAN, adding if the network is developed, a pan-Asian railway will be realised, helping reach Central Asia and even Europe via China’s Kunming.

Telling a press conference after opening the 57th ASEAN Senior Transport Officials Meeting (STOM) on June 11, he said there has not been much progress on the Kunming-Singapore railway network even though there are already railway lines connecting these countries.

Besides, ASEAN member states must iron out issues regarding regulations and cross-border customs clearance for the region to have a streamlined journey for goods and passengers in the future, he highlighted.

The three-day ASEAN STOM is attended by delegates headed by secretaries-general/permanent secretaries from ASEAN member states and ASEAN dialogue partners, namely China, Japan, the Republic of Korea and the US.

Earlier, in his speech, Loke said STOM has been a valuable and effective platform for ASEAN members to deliberate on matters concerning the unique challenges and opportunities within the transportation sector in the region./.