05/06/2024 - 07:55

Dialogue promotes AI efficiency in ASEAN 

At the 11th ASEAN Economic Community Dialogue (Photo: VNA)
The 11th ASEAN Economic Community Dialogue was organised in Jakarta on June 4, providing a platform for the governments and business community to discuss AI opportunities in the bloc.

The event, drawing the participation of more than 650 leaders of startups, financial institutions, enterprises, non-governmental organisations and government agencies, aimed at laying a foundation for a community-based approach to develop unified AI regulations and standards in the region, ensuring consistency and facilitating cross-border cooperation.

In his opening remarks, Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN for Community and Corporate Affairs Nararva Soeprapto stressed that AI has the potential to add a 10 to 18% GDP uplift across ASEAN, with a value of nearly 1 trillion USD by 2030.

ASEAN is making efforts to reduce AI risks, including ensuring its comprehensiveness, database protection and network resilience, he said, affirming the bloc commits to continuing development of the AI management framework to promote innovation and help enterprises feel confident to invest in the technology.

Meanwhile, Director of Microsoft’s Legal, Corporate and Government Affairs for ASEAN Jasmine Begum laid a stress on the significance of a multidimensional approach to bolstering AI development in a safe, secure, and trustworthy manner.

Microsoft pledges to share its knowledge and engage in constructive dialogues with sectors, governments, enterprises, and civil society to assure that management could keep up with the rapid development of AI, she added.

Participants discussed the best practices in AI management and the importance of partnership to promote the technology responsibly.

Booths were arranged on the sidelines of the dialogue, introducing the strength of AI in the context of modern business and AI’s ability to optimise activities and form creative solutions in various sectors./.