18/03/2024 - 16:11

Cuban National Assembly launches special publication on relations with Vietnam 

Cuban National Assembly launches a special publication on relations with Vietnam (Photo: VNA)
The Cuban National Assembly launched a special publication entitled "Cuba and Vietnam: a symbol of brotherhood" on March 14 at the Cuban Capitolio, Havana.

Speaking at the ceremony, President of the National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba Esteban Lazo Hernandez affirmed that the publication is a treasure of historical memory of both peoples and a symbol of the eternal brotherhood passed down from generation to generation between the two peoples.

The president emphasized that the launch of the publication coincided with Cuba's Press Day which falls on March 14 and the 132nd anniversary of the founding of the newspaper Patria (Fatherland), further emphasising the symbolic value of the publication praising the exemplary solidarity that has become a symbol of this era.
Hero of the Republic of Cuba Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group of Friendship with Vietnam highlighted the strong friendship and emotional attachment between the two peoples.
"We grew up in an understanding of the history of the Vietnamese nation, of the example, of the dedication, simplicity and resilience of the Vietnamese people," he said.
Director of Communications of the National Assembly of Cuba, Enrique Moreno Gimeranez said that the launch of the special publication marked the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Committee for Solidarity with South Vietnam (September 25, 1963), the 50th anniversary of the first visit of Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro to Vietnam (September 1973) and the 63rd anniversary of diplomatic relationship of the two countries (December 2, 1960).
Nguyen Ngoc Hung, First Secretary of the Embassy of Vietnam in Cuba, expressed his belief that the warm sentiments, respect and admiration that the people of the two countries have for each other will continue to be preserved and maintained, passed on to present and future generations./.