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Top 3 must-visit islands in Vietnam from North to South 

Phu Quoc Island, Con Dao Island and Ly Son Island are three of the most outstanding islands in Vietnam that you should not miss on your tours to Vietnam!

Dam Trau beach in Con Dao Island. Source: Internet

As a country located close to the sea with a coastline of up to 3000km, Vietnam also owns thousands of different large and small islands. Among them, there are still many unspoiled islands in Vietnam that we can take a look at a few prominent names such as Phu Quoc, Con Dao and Ly Son.

Phu Quoc Island

As the largest island in Vietnam, Phu Quoc island has an area of ​​​​nearly 600km2, located in the Gulf of Thailand. Flying is probably the most convenient way to get to this island because there are many direct flights and the airport is also close to interesting attractions. From March 2014, Vietnam allows foreign tourists to visit Phu Quoc visa-free for a maximum period of 30 days. This island is also a pilot destination for the Vietnamese government to open tourism after Covid-19, from November 2021.

Hon Thom in Phu Quoc Island. Source: hotels.com

Phu Quoc island is known to many as a peaceful retreat, helping you escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Although tourism has been exploited for quite a few years, the island still has many unspoiled landscapes such as some beaches in the north, Dau beach, Ganh Dau cape,… In addition to swimming at beautiful beaches on the island, you can also visit various entertainment sites such as Phu Quoc National Park, Grand World, Vinpearl Safari, VinWonders, Dinh Cau ancient architecture and experience life at Ham Ninh fishing village. Not to mention, Phu Quoc island is also one of two islands in Vietnam where the French colonialists built prisons, capturing Vietnamese political prisoners and patriots who wanted to free the nation from colonization.

Con Dao Island

Not only known as the island famous for its political prison camp, Con Dao is also the name that Vietnamese people often use to refer to an archipelago in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province. Con Son Island is the largest island in the archipelago with an area of about 0.5ha, accounting for 68% of the total land area of the whole archipelago. The island has mountainous granite ranges that shelter the bays from strong winds, and a climate characterized by sub-equatorial - oceanic characteristics, offering pleasant temperatures and fresh air.

Coming to Con Dao Island, you will have a chance to experience the feeling of being immersed in nature of beautiful unspoiled beaches, pristine water, and soft white sand. This is not only the place with the most sea turtles in this country, but also the only island in Vietnam that still has a population of Manatees whose life is inseparable from seagrass beds. Besides Con Dao National Park and the highest point of the archipelago - the 577m high Holy Cross Mountain on Con Son Island, another place you should not miss visiting is Con Dao Prison. It was established on February 1, 1862 to hold and exile prisoners against the French and political prisoners, causing the death of about 20,000 Vietnamese.

Ly Son Island

To Vo gate in Ly Son Island. Source: @Kương Nguyễn

Ly Son Island, belonging to Quang Ngai Province, is one of the best islands in Vietnam. This island is the remnants of a volcano that was formed about 25-30 million years ago, which is now the main source of groundwater that supplies all the people on the island. Except for the peak period of the typhoon season, you can visit Ly Son Island at any time, especially from June to September - best for scuba diving and coral viewing.

Coming to this Vietnamese Island, you should not miss taking check-in pictures at To Vo Gate, a natural lava rock arch with a height of about 2.5m. At sunset, the sunlight shines in and dyes a corner of the sky red, creating an unforgettable and breathtaking scenery. Dubbed as “the kingdom of garlic”, Ly Son Island owns vast green garlic fields and delicious dishes made with garlic, as well as fresh seafood. Nourished by the basalt red soil from the volcano, Ly Son garlic has a strong aroma and characteristic pungent taste, extremely delicious and good for health. On this island in Vietnam, there are also two famous pagodas, namely Hang Pagoda and Duc Pagoda, with different unique sceneries but both are beautiful spiritual places. 

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