18/01/2023 - 10:35

Ministry proposes issuing chip-based citizen identification card for children under 6 

The form of the chip-based citizen identification card issued by the Ministry of Public Security. (Photo courtesy of the Ministry of Public Security)
The Ministry of Public Security has proposed that children under the age of six, can receive both birth certificate and chip-based citizen identification card at the same time when their birth is registered.

However, the issuance of the chip-based citizen identification card will not be mandatory, and only carried out if parents or guardians want them.

The proposal was made under the draft Law on Citizenship Identity (amended).

The information was also posted on the official website of the ministry last week for opinions from experts and interested parties.

For the children under six, whose birth has been registered, parents or guardians can go to the identity management agency and carry out the procedures for granting chip-based citizen identification cards to the children if needed, the draft said.

Children under six years old do not have to provide biometric information, the draft said.

Under the draft, the ministry also proposes to integrate into chip-based citizen identification card some stable and frequently-used information of citizens in addition to information in the citizen identity database.

The data include information about health insurance card, social insurance book, driving license, diplomas, birth certificate and marriage certificate.

The draft stipulates that the chip-based citizen identification card's integrated information is equivalent to the presentation of documents issued by the competent authority.

According to the ministry, the move helps create favourable conditions for citizens in performing civil transactions, contributing to the implementation of digital transformation and administrative reform.

In addition, the draft says that old-version identity cards, which are still valid, were issued before the effective date of the law, can be used until the end of December 31, 2024.

Other papers issued using information from people's old-version identity cards remain legally valid.

State-management agencies are not allowed to prescribe procedures for correcting and changing information related to people's old-version identity cards and chip-based citizen identification cards, the draft said.

By the end of December 2022, the ministry had approved more than 17 million electronic identification accounts for citizens and issued more than 76.5 million chip-based citizen identification cards in the country.

The ministry said chip-based citizen identification cards together with electronic identification accounts have brought many benefits, reduced many types of documents for citizens and created a foundation for the implementation of public service utilities./.