12/06/2024 - 17:52

Another Vietnamese peacekeeper to work at UN headquarters 

Sen. Lieut. Gen. Hoang Xuan Chien (standing), member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of National Defence addresses the ceremony (Photo: VNA)
Senior Lieutenant Colonel Truong Anh Tuan, Deputy Commander of the Training Centre under the Ministry of National Defence’s Vietnam Peacekeeping Department has been recruited as a Military Affair Officer at the Office of Military Affairs, the UN’s Department of Peace Operations (DPO) in New York.

The State President’s decision to send Tuan to the new working position was handed over to him at a ceremony in Hanoi on June 12.

According to Colonel Nguyen Nhu Canh, Vice Director of the Vietnam Peacekeeping Department, Tuan is the fourth officers of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) and the fifth from Vietnam to be recruited and work at the UN headquarters.

To get this job, Tuan, together with an officer from Pakistan, successfully overcame representatives from 193 countries, he said, holding that this once again showed the high working capacity of VPA officers in the international environment in general and the highly demanding environment at the UN in particular.

Addressing the ceremony, Sen. Lieut. Gen. Hoang Xuan Chien, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Minister of National Defence, Head of the Inter-Sectoral Working Group, and Head of the Ministry of National Defence’s Steering Committee for the Participation in UN Peacekeeping Operations, ordered Tuan to promote his sense of responsibility and international solidarity spirit, overcoming all difficulties and completing all assignments.

For his part, Tuan showed his high determination to accomplish all tasks assigned by the UN, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of National Defence, while actively engaging in charity activities and spreading the image of a friendly, humane and peace-loving Vietnam and the noble qualities of the “Uncle Ho’s soldiers” to international friends and colleagues.

Tuan used to serve as a Liaison Officer at the UN peacekeeping mission in South Sudan from July 2015 to July 2016.

So far, Vietnam has sent more than 800 military and public security officers to three UN peacekeeping missions as well as the UN headquarters in the forms of individuals and units./.